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Intellectual Properties from Conception to Completions

Full service media production facilities

      A Creative Media Production Factory Formula, that is synergistically manufacturing intellectual properties in a cross-pollination of media platforms via an assembly line format. Efficiency to keep cost down while giving the creators the tools they need to produce quality content from Conception to Completion.


       With the ever-increasing demand for media content, the Intellectual Property Manufacturing Centre’(s) (IPMC’s) are uniquely designed as media content providers and production facilities.  IPMC concept is a global network of facilities collaborating in production and distribution of media product, and competition for our IPMC’s unique concept is scarce. Full-service film studios are uncommon, and specifically, there is no competition for full-service (one stop shop) studios that are globally interconnected.

       Our primary focus is on intellectual property ownership and its revenue streams.  This emphasis includes all types of media, including but not limited to movie, music and video production/distribution, equipment and production space leases/rentals, performing artists’/entertainment platforms, creative content, media industry software and hardware manufacturing.  We strive for efficiency using a creative manufacturing type assembly line, with industry standards and proprietary production equipment. This assembly line approach gives us the distinct advantage of lower production cost and allows us to provide media content with greater production quality at discounted prices.

IPMC Methodology

       Our manufacturing concept is unique, with a cross-pollination of media platforms. We manufacture media intellectual properties in a creative assembly line format from Conception to Completion, without compromise to creativity or quality. The workflow creative assembly line is the heart of production efficiency.  Like any top tier player, IPMC developed proprietary software to manage its workflow.  Our software, Media Management Control Systems(MMCS) operates in real time when initiated on a project and incentivizes productions to use our services and facility.  Production personnel will be trained on MMCS and other proprietary procedures /equipment then added to our globally authorized crews. These trained crews can be put into the assembly line thus giving independent crewmembers equivalent to full time employment. With a large facility footprint, we can give discount prices with IPMC’s streamlined production facilities and incentivizes productions to use our services through the IP Manufacturing Centre(s).

       IPMC’s main purpose is to be the leading media content provider globally.  There is an ever-increasing demand for content as the growth of streaming providers are now operating in virtually every country.  Our factory formula caters directly to this demand. It is also designed to produce in house productions, thus providing residual income from ownership of Intellectual Property. IPMC’s Global net worth will increase as we partner and build duplicate facilities in select cities and countries around the world. 

       IPMC is foremost an innovative entity giving producers and directors the tools they need to create their Intellectual Property products all in one facility.  This includes: Office Suites, Soundstages, Warehouse/Mill, Props, Office Production Suites, Digital Media production space, Post Production, Music Production, Equipment rentals, Base Camp Parking, Crew and Office parking.  All the tools needed to start and complete a product.

        The IPMC Manufacturing Facility is designed to stay busy with a strong revenue flow, but the primary source of increasing revenue is from Intellectual Property ownership, sales, distribution, and production.

       IPMC is designed to be a place that you just love to work at, as it is a “Five Star” quality facility that resembles an upscale hotel with its design and materials. There are lots of green spaces to hang out, an in-house restaurant/commissary, Coffee Shop with a large exterior decks for meetings/breaks.  Restrooms have mini Toilet Suites with sinks and some include showers and other amenities.  There is even an in-house Gym and Childcare Center. 

       Intellectual Property Financing Economic Engine (IPFEE”) is our economic revolving funding source for Intellectual Properties.  This fund has 3 major types of IP funding options: Full Funding, Partial Funding, and Escrow Funding. Designed to keep investing risk to a minimal, all will be thoroughly vetted first before approval of funding.

       IPMC Global Media Partnership: Our Global Media Network synergistically manufactures media intellectual properties by collaborating with IPMC partners to participate in our Cloud-Based Co-Creation Global Network Productions.  Each individual IPMC Centre’ uses the same production techniques, facilities, infrastructure, training, and equipment to synergistically interconnect into IPMC global network to co-participate in Factory Assembly Line Productions, Global Distribution and Streaming.  Each individual IPMC Media Plex has everything needed for an independent in-house successful Media production from Conception to Completion”

      Research and Development: IPMC is foremost an innovative entity.  It will always stay on top of and use the best available technologies.  What is not available on the open market, our Research and Development department will create and manufacture it.  They will also create manufacture these products for rentals, in-house use, or sale to the industry.  For example, our MIO 3D technology is a patented process using 3 or more cameras simultaneously to acquire 3D images.   The Media Recording Shield is a technology that can stop pirating from projected media in a Movie Theater or secure top-secret information on a TV or Computer Screen i.e. governmental or trade secrets. Our proprietary, productivity enhancing Cinematic Management Control Systems, brings IP projects into an efficient production.

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