Phase One Part A & B Renovations

A 72-acre site with 465,000 Sq. Ft. of interior space specifically renovated for intellectual property manufacturing.  A “One Stop Shop Production Hub” for all film/TV production needs with an atmosphere of creativity and efficiency. The effect of the 5 star quality facility that’s outfitted like an upscale hotel, will attract production from both local and national competition, keeping the facility’s rental space booked and help facilitate more productions to Louisiana. Soundstages

16 Production Office Suites
11 Warehouse/Mill Suites
9 Music Recording Suites
6 Digital Music Editing Suites
6 Commissary Areas
2 Music Rehearsal Sound Stages
8 Screening/Color Correction/Final Audio Mix Rooms
Multiple Green Rooms
11 Digital Editing Suites
8 Digital Media Suites
Fitness Gym
Child Daycare Center
3 Roof Top Garden Areas
2 Coffee Shops
2 Restaurants
Live Performance Recording Venue
Rooftop Performance Stage
72 acres of parking

Phase One Part A Renovations



      Phase one will renovate and outfit all existing buildings, roads, docks, and parking lots ready for IP manufacturing. The facility is designed to incorporate up to 6 separate production simultaneously with enough property to keep production parking and back lot sets separated.

Production Office Suites: Six fully furnished five star Production Office Suites (95,998 Sq. Ft.) specifically designed for motion picture production fully equipped with phone systems and symmetrical Internet boosting speeds up to 1000mps.

  • 2 Executive Production Office Suites 8,664 Sq. Ft. each
  • Master Executive Production Office Restrooms with private rooms and handicap/producer changing rooms w/showers
  • 3 Production Office Suites 8,100 Sq. Ft. each
  • 5 Star Restrooms with private rooms and handicap/producer changing rooms w/showers
  • 1 Specialty Production Office Suite w/private green room w/restrooms/showers 5,040 Sq. Ft.
  • Wardrobe Laundry Facility equipped with professional laundry equipment 400 Sq. Ft.
  • 2 Wardrobe Staging Rooms 1,504 Sq. Ft. each
  • 2 Multi Use Sound Proof Rooms – 1,128 Sq. Ft. each
  • Multi Use Suite w/ Hair, Makeup, changing rooms, and private men/woman restrooms 2,260 Sq. F.
  • 2 Wardrobe truck docks
  • Prop Storage

Post Production:  Soundproof Production Suites located next to the production offices.

  • 60- seat capacity Digital Screening/Color Correcting Digital Theater built out on risers for comfortable screening 2,880 Sq. Ft.
  • 4 Digital Work Rooms 180 Sq. Ft. each
  • 4 Editing Suites 940 Sq. Ft. each
  • A Fully-equipped Music Recording Studio Suite 5,040 Sq. Ft. w/private Green Room w/restrooms/showers
  • Additional film crew amenities include a Commissary, Coffee/Tea Shop and ample luxury Restroom Facilities.


Sound Stages: The facility has a total of 12 soundstages of varying sizes from 5,400 Sq. Ft. to 24,990 Sq. Ft.

  • Sound Stages built to the exacting standards of the motion picture & television industry equipped with three-phase power and NC 25 sound rating.
  • 2 Soundstages 1-2: 24,990 Sq. Ft. each w/ Greenrooms w/private restrooms/showers
  • 2 Wardrobe Rooms & 2 Hair/Makeup Rooms with an adjacent Loading Dock
  • 2 Soundstages 3-4: 18,450 Sq. Ft. each
  • 2 Soundstages 5-6: 7,200 Sq. Ft. each
  • 2 Soundstages 7-8: 5,400 Sq. Ft. each
  • Soundstage 9: 12,600 Sq. Ft.
  • Soundstage 10: 10,800 Sq. Ft.
  • Soundstage 11: 16,200 Sq. Ft. Built out French Quarter Courtyard façade.
  • Soundstage 12: 10,640 Sq. Ft. Built out French Quarter façade – Commissary/Multi-Purpose Soundstage w/Coffee Shop
  • Six (6) soundstage-adjacent Green Rooms available with a Covered Private Deck
  • Exterior studio features illustrate NOMPS greatest competitive advantage:
    • Covered loading docks
    • 72-acres of back lot area ready for building outdoor sets
    • 525,000 square feet of designated parking facilities.  More parking is available in the back-lot area. 

Mill Space/Warehouse: 214,176 Sq. Ft.

Back-Lot/Parking: With NOMPS’s 72-acres of cleared level ground, there is plenty of space to build multiple outdoors sets. This amount of space will give production-breathing distance. 

The final component of the Intellectual Property Manufacturing Centre’s renovation is a 750 ft. (just over 1/8 mile) long FRENCH QUARTER STREET AND BALCONY FACADE built out on the studio’s main street-facing front.  The facade will be built as a French Quarter street with structurally sound balconies for filming.  The outdoor set will be a cost saving alternative with a controlled environment to location managers tasked with procuring city block shutdowns for outdoor New Orleans scene shooting.

Phase One Part B New Building

Intellectual Property Manufacturing Building

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